Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information about your personality is of great importance to only uses your personal information to provide internet services. will never disclose your personal information to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes, nor will you give them to third parties in any way. is required to receive and process certain personal information during your registration so that its services can perform its functions.

It will never be possible for your user name and password to be seen by members in any way. will not give this information to third parties and / or allow third parties to have such information in any way.

It regularly sends newsletters to members. You may cancel the bulletins at any time through the link provided at the end of each bulletin via email.

The services will use cookies (username and password) and then cookies to identify you during your visit. Your cookie computer is saved. At the end of the session, the cookie is automatically canceled. You can save this cookie with "Log in automatically on this computer" function to automatically enter the system.

The access information of all visits to the Web sites is stored in a file called Server-Log. The information recorded is as follows; Your IP address; Remote Host (Name and IP address of the computer calling the page); Hour; Status; The amount of data transferred; The internet page you are directed to (Referrer); uses these records for statistical evaluations without a link or information about your personality. The can thus detect on which days and at which times more visits are made, as well as possible errors, such as incorrect connections or program faults, via registration files. reserves the right to check the registration files later on the last known IP address of members who have reason to believe that they are using the Websites and / or services contrary to the law and the contract due to certain facts in their rights.

This serves both the protection of members and the security of member information and services.